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About our School

Crest View is a neighborhood school that serves a large area of north Boulder represented by a cross-section of socioeconomic and ethnic groups. The school uses personalized education programs to encourage the highest academic achievement and student growth. Crest View has both state and national accreditation. It offers a wide variety of programs for special-needs students, talented and gifted and English-language-learners. A long-standing conflict mediation program has received state recognition. The science program has received national awards for the creation of “Habitat,” a natural learning environment attached to the school playground.​

Program Characteristics

​ As a neighborhood school, Crest View provides services that build community while providing opportunity for all students achieve success. Special programs in our school include Literacy Support, English Language Development, Special Education services, and Gifted and Talented (GT). Services for students learning English follow the sheltered English approach. The Crest View community is comprised of over 45 countries which gives our students the opportunity to experience various cultures on a daily basis. 

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