Mission & Values

Crest View Mission

Our mission is to help develop competent, confident and compassionate citizens who will be able to contribute and compete in tomorrow's society.  Our emphasis centers on developing excellence in:

• Fundamental Academic Skills

• Appreciation of the Arts, Cultures, the Environment and Health

• Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

• Collaborative Learning

• Student-Oriented Programming

• Parent Contributions as an Extension of the Faculty‚Äč

• Serving Our Community

Crest View Values

Caring - At Crest View, in order to foster an optimal learning environment, we will create a caring community.  We include others.

Compassion - As a compassionate community, we value the well-being of everyone ... students, staff and parents.  We embrace a sympathetic consciousness.

Honesty - We present ourselves in our school community as role models through honesty and integrity.

Fun - At Crest View, teachers and staff strive to create an environment that makes learning fun for students and ourselves.

Balance - We value balance of work and play in our lives to maintain our social, emotional and physical health.

Humor - At Crest View, our faculty and staff value humor as we comically interact with each other and our kids.