Principal's Message


Welcome to Crest View!

Crest View Elementary School has served North Boulder since 1959. It has grown from a small, simple program to one with an extensive and demanding educational offering that fosters student academic and personal excellence. We pride ourselves on being a Community School whose mission is to develop competent, confident, and compassionate citizens. Crest View is a winner of the State of Colorado John Irwin School of Excellence award in 2003. Crest View has been granted national accreditation through the prestigious North Central Association since 1998.

We offer a comprehensive program of academic, fine arts, physical education and health program that provides a well-rounded educational foundation for your child. We believe in empowering our students with problem solving, mindfulness, and mediation skills as part of an assets building program that is recognized statewide for its excellence. Our programs guarantee the success of each student: English as a Second Language for students from around the world. Literacy Support, Special Education, a model Talented and Gifted program, and enrichment classes to extend the district offerings.

The success of Crest View Elementary School students is the result of the outstanding contributions of school district employees and members of our community. Our student results on state and nationally-normed tests continue to be significantly above the average. Additionally, children demonstrate what they've learned and how they have grown in all academic areas not measured by the state assessments through learning projects and performances.

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a safe school environment; our Peer Mediation and No Bullying prevention program develops student leadership social skills. It receives statewide accolades each year.

We thank all of the parents, teachers, staff and students for their continued support of our programs. We continue to be successful with our children because we set high standards, but remain first and foremost a caring and compassionate community.


Eric Hamilton