Lunch at Crest View

    2014-2015 Lunch Times

    Kindergarten 10:40 - 11:40
    1st 11:15-11:35
    2nd 11:30-11:50
    3rd 11:55-12:15
    4th 11:40-12:00
    5th 12:05-12:25
    Lunch Menus
    To view the Boulder Valley Schools lunch menus, click here.

    Lunch Account Management
    All students have a personal meal account. Students access their account using their six-digit student ID#.

    Boulder Valley School District uses for online student lunch account management. Students may also bring cash or checks to school to pay for their lunches.  With  you can set up a low-balance email reminder for when your student’s account gets below a level you choose. If you prefer, you can set up an auto-refill when your student’s account drops to a level you choose. No money is ever charged to your credit card without your approval and there are no transaction fees.

    If using checks, please make payable to Boulder Valley School District. Write your child’s first and last name and student ID# on the check to be sure the money is deposited in the correct account.

    When students bring lunch from home, they may use their account to purchase milk, juice, and side salad bar.

    School FOOD Project

    Starting in the 2009-2010 school year, Crest View and the Boulder Valley School District began participating in the "School FOOD Project." Under the direction of Chef Ann Cooper, "we will be working individually with every school in the district to help create the best possible environment for feeding our children." Some immediate changes to the food program include:

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables will be served every day and will be regionally sourced when possible
    • Bulk hormone and antibiotic-free milk will be served in all schools
    • Full salad bars will be available in every school including grains, vegetable, and animal-based proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Locally produced whole grain bread and bakery products will be used when feasible
    • Highly processed ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and added trans-fats will be eliminated
    • Professional development and sanitation training will be provided for all Nutrition Services staff
    • A fully revised procurement system will be implemented with a priority for local vendors
    • Highly processed foods will be eliminated as much as possible (for example roast chicken will replace chicken nuggets)
    •  Breakfast will be offered in every school
    For more information on the program and its chef, visit the project information on the district site.